School Leadership

Mr. M. Viswanatha Reddy
Dean/ Principal – CBSE

“We offer a synthesis of academic, spiritual, psychological and physical growth for 21st-century learners, with a supportive environment that allows them to express their unique characteristics.”

Sloka International School, Manneguda, is a CBSE and Cambridge accredited school up to grade 12, located in the outskirts of Hyderabad. It was envisioned by a group of academicians across India, out of a shared concern for the future citizens of India.

21st century learners are empowered with the transferable skills of coding & Artificial Intelligence, for rapid changing world. Students are honed with entrepreneur skills with inhouse programs like “Toycathon” as a regular part of their classroom innovation. Students collaborate their learning across the globe under student exchange programs. Students are awarded with ‘Cadetship’ as part of their curriculum in experience and working as interns under the expert’s guidance. These few steps open up the doors for the learners to explore the globe with rich experience in their schooling. Come and join us with vision to make students future ready.

Fathima Shabanam Z
Principal IGCSE / Academic Advisor – CBSE

Management of SIS is determined to undertake everything possible to provide learners with not only world class education but also world class facilities and infrastructure. The true purpose of this school is to inspire learners to work hard to achieve their dreams. The interrelated factors of education infrastructure design that affects learning like naturalness (e.g. light, air quality), stimulation (e.g. complexity, color), and individualization (e.g. flexibility of the learning space) were given top priority while fabricating the Cambridge block.

The New block offers multi-faceted array of facilities that enhance the way children learn, play and interact. The block is loaded with a plethora of facilities for effective learning such as exclusive laboratories of Science and STEM, library and learning centers, digital classrooms with temperature control, adventure sports, Media House etc., We are on a mission to give the best and be the best with new innovation in our new block.

Innovation is fuelled by the power of possibilities. To be truly innovative, we have to be attuned to the world around us and its needs, It takes creative courage and a leap of faith to identify the possibilities and welcome breakthroughs. However, the real task at hand is always sustaining purpose and pace of innovation, in isolation does not amount to much. When innow is shared in a learning community such as ours, it picks up momentum and gradually transform a movement, and ultimately becomes part of the culture of the school over time.

Hence we are under the process of transformation of new learning age

Vivartana” is the theme we are going to adopt for the coming years, “Vivartana” in Sanskrit means transformation, we are taking a pledge for the vision 2030 that we will strive hard to bring the huge transformation in our teaching system and inculcating value system with our children in our new age of learning.

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