As & A Level Programme

At our institution, we provide the Cambridge International AS and A Levels for students in Grades 11 and 12. This program serves as a natural progression from the IGCSE curriculum. Widely recognized and highly regarded globally, Cambridge International AS/A Levels are preferred by schools, universities, and employers. These qualifications are considered as evidence of academic proficiency, enabling students to gain admission to universities worldwide.

Cambridge International A Levels typically span two years and offer a flexible course of study, allowing students the autonomy to choose subjects based on their individual interests and aspirations. The program empowers students to shape their educational journey according to their passions and academic goals.


Science Stream

Commerce Stream

Right Speech

We ensure that all students enjoy a high percentage of teaching time for each subject but they are also expected to devote a significant time to their study outside of the classroom. We have a designated and well-equipped STUDY ROOM for quiet work & silent study.

Additionally, our students are given free access to various external learning programmes. For example, all students of A Level Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History & Economics are provided accounts for SNAP REVISE.

Students at this level are expected to be the inspirational ROLE MODELS for younger children in the main school. We therefore expect high standards of dress, time keeping, courtesy and support of peers.

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