We at Sloka offer CBSE Curriculum. CBSE means Central Board of Secondary Education, this board is dedicated to fostering a comprehensive and dynamic school education that promotes excellence across all fields of human endeavor. The Board prioritizes delivering quality education that inspires intellectual, social, and cultural vitality among its students. With a focus on empowering future citizens to become global leaders in a rapidly evolving knowledge society, We as Sloka CBSE school are committed to creating a learning process and environment that facilitates holistic learner development. Emphasizing continuous and comprehensive evaluation, the Board aims to provide a stress-free learning environment that cultivates confident, competent, and enterprising citizens who promote harmony and peace.

Sloka International School is affiliated and recognised with CBSE Board from Grade 1 up-to Grade 12. Affiliation number is 3630246.

Some major objectives of the CBSE segment are:

What Subjects will the students study?

Right Speech

English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Languages – Hindi/ Telugu

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