“Education is not preparation for life ;education is life itself.” I am very confident and strongly say that Sloka is the temple where children become devotees to the education. As a parent of Slokite, I feel happy to say the my child had improved a lot in every activity, writing, reading. I strongly believe and say that my kids will improve a lot in every stage.


Parent of A.Srithika - PP-2 & A.Aashrith - Nursery

We thankful to all the sloka team members. At any time we visited the school they have pleasent atmosphere and homely environment with kids.
Daily Aadhya is very interested to go school. She feels bore when she is in the house with any cause of reason we are so happy when she is telling I want to go to school. We think this is very grateful to each
Way of learning to each kid is extremely good. Special thanks to Coordinator, Class Teacher and ayamma. We didn’t get any tension about my kid during
the school timings.

Parents of B Aadhya Varma - PP2

Sloka International is the best school in the city. This school has always been student friendly that is why my kid loves to go to school very much.
My child has improved a lot after coming to sloka,
And he is able to communicate well with others in English too
This school had excellent teachers especially his Class teacher and coordinator.
Sloka is an environment in which students can express themselves friendly and comfortable to be

Parents of N Aadhya - PP2 & N Sresht - G3

Our child M. Srinidhi who has been a part of the Sloka family for 6 long years had an incredibly beautiful journey. Our child has received and is receiving a purpose driven and holistic education to not only compete in this dynamic world but also make it a better place to live in. We always appreciate Sloka for going that extra mile to nurture, enhance and motivate our children to give the best of their potential and contribute to our society. It’s invigorating curriculum not only gives my child an opportunity to expertise in education but also Excel in other extra curricular activities.We wholeheartedly thank Sloka family for proving my child an exceptionally memorable childhood.

Parents of Srinidhi - Grade X

We the parents of Bitla Nithin Reddy of Grade-X have observed many changes in him in terms of extra curricular activities and sports. The teachers of Sloka are having good experience in teaching, which help the students to understand the subject. The teaching is very good hence my ward has improved in his studies and also in speaking English. Sloka is a place where students have a great platform to get better in all courses and teachers encourage them in their talents.

Parents of Bitla Nithin Reddy - GradeX

We are very glad to have my child in Sloka school. She improved a lot after coming to this school. She learnt how to communicate with others in English. She also scored good marks in all subjects. The way in which teachers speak to parents and children is very good. The teachers never discourage anyone. They also motivate students. Everyone are treated equally at Sloka. This school is really good at education and extra activities. All the credit goes to the teachers and the management who helped in my child’s education and supported her.

Parents of T. Gagana - Grade 9

After we moved from Dubai the biggest concern for us was getting our child Ishaan enrolled in a good Indian school with CBSE syllabus. After a lot of research and references from friends and family, we decided to get our child enrolled in Sloka international school.
We are really excited to mention that; this school was a great choice for our child. We are happy to see the change and the way he has got adjusted to the new environment so quickly and easily. The school and its teaching faculty have extended their full support in making our child feel secure and at home. Our child was given the opportunity to participate in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities, that made him confident enough in facing the audience.Thanks to sloka international team.

Parents of S.Ishaan Kumar, Grade 8, JB

Sloka International School is doing excellent in all the fields especially giving a lot of exposure to children. Very nicely planned and organized Academic programme. Good efforts by all teachers. I am very grateful to all teachers, coordinator and Principal. My child is being groomed very well. feel that my decision was right in sending my child to Sloka International School. Keep it up! I wish a great success to Sloka International School different teaching and learning style is used with interactive Digiboards which makes learning a fun for my children. We are very satisfied. Our chil- dren always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities. we are glad that our children improving day by day this whole creadit goes to Sloka International School and faculty members.

Parents of L.Renusri - grade 7 & L.Dhrithi - PP1

My child Annabella Faith of Grade IV and Alessa Mighty of Grade VI are very active, gaining good knowledge and learning many things from school. Especially School Management is very good. Teachers are very supportive in encouraging students in all activities as my child received many medals.

Mrs. Annapurna & Mr. Shankaraiah

Parents of Annabella Faith - Grade 4

We are very happy and proud parents of V. Hitesh of Grade IV studying in Sloka International School. Sloka has the best management and we are enjoying being a part of the Sloka family. We enjoy each and every moment spent as a member of Sloka. Keep doing good as always.
Thanks to the Sloka family.

Mrs. V. Udayasree & V. Chandra Shaker

Parents of V. Hitesh Goud - G4

We, the parents of M. Charith, Grade 10, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Management, Principals, Coordinators and each and every teacher at Sloka International School for their encouragement and support. We also appreciate all of your extra time and effort in helping our child grow and learn. We are impressed by your curriculum and teaching approaches, which differ
from those of other schools. Thank you for everything you do for our child.
We would want to take this opportunity to thank the Sloka School’s management for their tireless efforts. Being a great role model since you will be a window through which many children will view
their future.”
Thank you for everything you do! Our heartfelt gratitude to Sloka International school

Mrs. M. Sukanya & Mr. M. Kiran kumar

Parents of M. Charith - Grade 10

Sloka International School has a great team of friendly, dedicated and experienced educators who have provided both my children a nurturing and conductive environment to learn. It is one of the well balanced school for kids in Hyderabad, where the curriculum is not just targeted for studies but for overall growth of kids by making sports and other activities in the part of curriculum. We are feeling very proud as sloka parents. We are really happy about the efforts taken by Sloka Management in ensuring continuous learning of children.

Thank you

Parents of A. Sai Sathwik Reddy - GradeX & A. Sai Pravasthi - GradeVII

We are glad to join our child in the Sloka International School. Sloka International School is a great place where studens are imparted excellently in academic and extra curricular activities the school is really good at education and other activities. It is a place where all the children are treated equally. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the management. The portion are covered at a pace that the students don’t feel burdened. I specially want to thank the teacher who gave my child good education and who supported her.

Parents of R. Jyoshnavi - Grade 9

We wanted a school which has the right blend of internal education and international education. We felt Sloka was right for my child. Here is the academic design that is made by the school is really simply amazing. The evaluation process also is very good compared to other schools.we saw a drastic change in my child’s development.I thank sloka international school for your hard work in supporting my son Aashrith who is in grade 5 and for your patience and commitment. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development.

Parents of Aashirth

I am very happy in the improvement I saw after joining my children in this school. Sloka provides excellent facilities and resources. It is one of the best institutions in Hyderabad. I really appreciate that Sloka focuses on both extracurricular activities and education.

Parents of V. Sowmya Sri - G10 & V. Ladya Sri - G8

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