Graduation day celebrations! Stage 1 to 6 of Academic Year 2022-2023

Today is a momentous day as we celebrate the graduation of our amazing learners from the stage 1 and stage 6 of Academic Year 2022-2023. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our graduates and all that they have achieved during their time here.This year has been a challenging one, but our […]

Using paper planes to learn about symmetry and geometry

Children learned about symmetry and geometry while flying paper aeroplanes today in our special Assembly.Using paper planes to learn geometry is a fun and interactive way to understand mathematical concepts. It allows you to visualize the concepts in a tangible way and make connections between them. So, start folding some planes and let the fun […]

Sloka International School-Primary Graduation Day of Grade 5 Students

Sloka International School.Primary Graduation Day of Grade 5 Students.A Successful Competition of One Era and a joyful entry into the second level of life,the middle School Education. All the Delighted Grade 5 graduates are Congratulated by the Sloka Management. We wish You Happy,Bright, Coloural Educational journey dear Grade 5 Students.Shine on,Shine through-All the best -Stars […]