Why to choose Cambridge Curriculum?

The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop a lifelong passion for learning. As the largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for ages 5 to 19, CAIE is recognized by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual). Cambridge international qualifications are highly regarded by top universities and employers worldwide, providing students with a wide range of education and career options.

Sloka International School is recognised and affiliated to University of Cambridge, London, UK.

Why to choose Cambridge Primary Programme?

The Cambridge Primary Programme offers an engaging educational journey for learners, particularly for those aged 5 to 11. It establishes a solid foundation for students as they embark on their schooling journey, gradually progressing through the Cambridge Pathway in a manner appropriate for their age.

We develop Cambridge learners who are:

What subjects do children study in Cambridge Primary?

The Cambridge Primary curriculum is designed to foster creativity, expression, and overall well-being in children through a diverse range of subjects. By engaging in this curriculum, children are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a competitive world and are prepared for higher education. The curriculum focuses on developing subject-specific skills that empower children to explore and excel in their educational journey.

The students may choose to take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam after Stage 6 in English, Mathematics, Science and Global Perspective (please refer to for details).

Cambridge Lower Secondary (Stages 6 to 8)

Why Choose Cambridge Lower Secondary?

Cambridge Lower Secondary is specifically designed for students between the ages of 11 and 14. It serves as a stepping stone, preparing students for their next educational endeavors. By following the Cambridge Pathway in a developmentally suitable manner, this program offers a clear trajectory for students as they advance through their academic journey.

What subjects do children study in Cambridge Lower Secondary?

The Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education for learners, equipping them with the tools to succeed in their academic journey, professional pursuits, and personal lives. This curriculum offers ample opportunities for students to cultivate creativity, express themselves, and enhance their overall well-being through various means. It fosters a broad and balanced approach, ensuring that students thrive in all aspects of their educational experience.

Cambridge Upper Secondary (Stages 9 and 10 – IGCSE)

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum caters to learners with diverse abilities and offers multiple pathways for their educational journey. Starting with a core foundation of subjects, it seamlessly integrates additional subjects to promote a well-rounded and interdisciplinary perspective. Encouraging learners to explore various subjects and establish connections between them lies at the heart of our approach. Cambridge IGCSE provides a flexible and engaging curriculum, complemented by exceptional resources and training support. It empowers learners by enhancing their creative thinking, inquiry skills, and problem-solving abilities, ultimately improving their overall academic performance.

Cambridge IGCSE serves as an ideal platform for further advanced studies. With over 70 subjects available, including 30 languages, schools have the flexibility to offer a combination of subjects that best suits their students’ interests and goals. Cambridge IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

What subjects do children study in Cambridge Upper Secondary?

Right Speech

Assessments in Sloka Cambridge

Assessments @sloka Cambridge is conducted as an ongoing process and the basic objective is for Assessment for Learning.

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